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Hatsushiba Hashimoto High School - International English Program
English Teacher Work Guidelines
Course Coordinator Guidelines
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Speaking Test Guidelines
Teaching of Speaking Guidelines
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English Teacher Work Guidelines
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Teaching of Vocabulary Guidelines
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Official Advertisement for the ESL Teacher Position

 The duties of the English teachers include:

1.           updating the English Communication Curriculum;

2.           preparing materials and lessons for English Communication classes;

3.                      preparing for and teaching about 12 to 14 hours of English Communication

classes per week, while following the English Communication Curriculum as closely as possible;

4.                      for 2 weeks, working on speech and recitation contests: preparing speech scripts and other materials, coaching students, typing out student speeches, and judging contests;

5.                      attending in the Opening for School Year Teacher Ceremony, Opening for School Year Student Ceremony, and Senior Graduation Ceremony;

6.                      working from 8 am to 8 pm for the marking of senior entrance exams on one Saturday in January;

7.                      working in a 6-day long English Summer Camp (quite fun in a scenic mountain resort);

8.                      teaching demonstration lessons for the opening campus days on 1 Saturday a year;

9.                      take an annual health exam along with all teachers and staff (usually in September);

10.                 guiding students to obey all school rules; and

11.                 wearing professional-style clothes (men: tie and suit: women: suits and skirts) for all regular school days, and for special event days (ceremonies, open campus, entrance exam marking) wearing very best, professional dark clothing.